I'm Latex Nikki and wore latex for over 15 years now.

I'm a Hobbes latex model and wear latex as a fashion at home and in public.

My other hobby is making latex clothing, mostly for myself, as I'm still learning.

I originally started modelling in October 2017. It was actually part of a confidence boost which my partner helped me to organize. I was bullied a lot when I was younger, so I suffered from low confidence.

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I feel more confident
and powerful
when wearing latex 

Latex Nikki

The Hobbes latex model


How did your latex adventure start?


I started wearing leather when I was around 19 years of age, as I was a rock chic and that's what you wore. Then around the age of 20, I started wearing PVC and then after that latex. I saw a person wearing it on TV at the time and was fascinated by the look and shine and wanted to try it.


What were your expectations, concerns, and hopes for latex before you tried it for the first time?

My main concerns were if the latex would fit right and if I'd rip it 


What fears turned out to be completely unfounded when you tried it already?

When I tried it, and it fit perfectly, and I didn't rip it I was very happy with how it looked and felt 


What did you have first from latex, and how did it work?

My first latex outfit was a second hand catsuit. It actually fitted well, which was a surprise


What do you feel when you are wearing latex?


I feel more confident and powerful when wearing latex 


What occasions do you like wearing latex clothes for?

I mostly wear latex on an evening and weekends and evenings when I can enjoy it most 


How long did you stay wearing latex the longest? What did you feel then?

I've actually worn it for 24/7, and I've even slept in latex before too. I won't lie it does get warm and sweaty after a while so if I've done a full day I get a shower afterwards 

Your 3 favourite outfits from your latex wardrobe?

All my Catsuits, flame dress and my libidex blue trousers 


Describe your most exciting latex adventure?


My very first public latex was so exciting and scary at the same time. It was lots of fun and I definitely did more after that 


Describe your most embarrassing latex adventure?

I don't have anything embarrassing unfortunately


How do you feel dressed in latex among ordinary people outside (in public: on the street, in a park or in a shopping mall)? Do you go out in a full latex outfit, or do you mix it with normal clothes?


It is a little scary as you never know what people would say or do, but luckily I've been absolutely fine and no one has noticed. I think people see wetlook or pvc 


Do you go out in a full latex outfit, or do you mix it with normal clothes?


I have done both, and I still do it depends on the weather or where I'm going if it's full or half 


Why is it worth it to dare to wear latex clothes?

Personally it's about the look and feel of latex it's like nothing else.  


What do you want to say, share with other less experienced latex lovers?


Always start with smaller items first. Underwear and gloves then build up to the bigger items.

Always use dress aid or talc/baby powder to get into latex 

Always hang your latex in a wardrobe out of direct sun and put in plastic bags if you have different colours, so they don't clash or stain (mostly black with lighter colours) 

Keep nails short so you don't rip the latex 

Watch out on eBay when buying latex, make sure it says in the description 100% rubber or latex. As it may not be latex you're buying could be wetlook or pvc which is completely different 



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