Latex outdoor everywhere you want?

Today we are interviewing a rubber fetishist, who's talking about his first steps into rubber, about public anxietes and his positive experiences. He is 27 years old from Germany and has a bound relationship with his boyfriend. 


In Latex forget everything about your human characteristics and morph into something what you want to be


The Rubber Fetishist


How did your latex adventure start?

My first time of hearing about latex was around 16. I already started with a small gas mask collection. Most of the time through the Internet watching YouTube videos there were several recommendations that popped up. First watching documentaries about Military Equipments like Hazmat-Suits to different gas mask types and after that to Rubber with SFW Contents. I was so fascinated about this material because it was so interesting to see how people interact with it. The material combination with gas mask and Bondage increased also my influence to gas mask fetish and BDSM. I soon explored much more about rubber and came to porn sites. I also remember my first latex porn that I watched:
A lesbian porn that was so astonishing to see. Also, the great NSFW-Times on Tumblr. So many good contents that you've found there.


What were your expectations, concerns, and hopes for latex before you tried it for the first time?

My concerns that I had was what my parents would say to me if they see me with that stuff, so I decided to buy it when I left my parents house. Hope always dies last, and that happened around the beginning of 2017.


‌What did you have first from latex, and how did it work?

I bought my first Latex T-shirt and long latex gloves. I tried my new things in my new flat on. The gloves are easy to wear and really fantastic. The first time to wear a Latex T-shirt was also an amazing feeling but also tricky to wear, if you don't have any label on it, so you don't know which the inside and outside is. It took me time to understand.

‌What fears turned out to be completely unfounded when you tried it already?

Latex is a tight material. If you pull it over your head, it can stuck somewhere. At the first time I was really nervous but not panicking. I managed to put some talcum on my back, so it didn't stick too much on my skin, and it somehow worked. But oh boy... what a learning process.


‌What do you feel when you are wearing latex?

The feeling of a tight and shiny second skin is something which makes me really comfortable to wear. The smell of it is extraordinary and gives me goosebumps. It is also a feeling of relief - you forget everything about your human characteristics and morph into something what you want to be.  

No matter if you want to be an Object, a Drone, a Pup, a Doll etc.  

It is your choice what you want to do.


What occasions do you like wearing latex clothes for?

I wear my latex catsuit during my free time. For example with rubber friends during a playroom session, during fetish events (Folsom Berlin), or general in public.

How long did you stay wearing latex the longest? What did you feel then?

My max. wearing time was 22 hours. I felt my second skin completely stick to the first. I feel a bit sad when I have to remove my catsuit. But hey... Every fun comes to a happy ending, even with slight itches.


‌Your 3 favourite outfits from your latex wardrobe?

  • Night wing Catsuit
  • Unique black/blue catsuit
  • Blazing Gold (in black/metallic green colour)

These are also my only 3 full catsuits, but there's more to come.


‌Describe your most exciting latex adventure?

We went to an abandoned paper factory. It was on an early evening when we saw the gate was open and drove in. We asked some guys if there's a possibility to take some pictures in the area. They said they are scrap dealers and only use this area to load/unload their things.
The owner is coming during nighttime just to check if everything is alright. They also said that we shouldn't go to the back left side of the area because the owner got 2 dogs.

So we came back the next day: I put my brand-new black/blue catsuit, my hood, my Avon S10 gas mask and my blue Doc Martens on. My boyfriend took his camera. We parked our car outside the area and went on foot in there. Some urbexers were exploring in the area and got into a small talk and also asked why this outfit? Well for the photos, of course. We said goodbye and moved on right into the hall.

A huge area: No vandalism/graffiti, just the natural process of a decay - like a real Lost place should be.
Huge facilities and so many photomotive ideas for us...  

The weather was also comfortable: sunny with a few clouds in the background. 

We've been there for about a half day and made a lot of photos. It was a pleasant day, especially when it's on your 26th Birthday.


Describe your most embarrassing latex adventure?

I would say my second outdoor trip in the Black Forest.

It was around 2018 winter/spring time. Snowy landscape but with warm sunlight and a few clouds, and I went there by car.

I had only latex basics with me: Hood, T-shirt, long gloves, straps, leggings and black leather boots.

It was the first time that I had to face my anxiety with many peoples (most of them tourists) who were passing me, and I didn't know how they would react to my outfit.

I went on my first outdoor trip in the area of Vosges du Nord, and it was very quiet there. I expected in the Black Forest a few more people but not a big tourist group.

However... Most of them just ignored me - so it seemed to be fine. After around 30 Minutes later, I walked on top of a hill and saw a family with 2 kids.
Too bad the path is just going downhill after that, so I had to pass them. As soon as they saw me, their expression were completely shocked... They just stared into each other or just directly at me...
I had that adrenalin kick at that moment and started to walk by and pretend like I didn't see that.

But right after that I went slowly downhill and started to laugh because I knew that I overcame my anxiety about of how they would react. In the end it doesn't even matter... ...
Just to summarize all up, it was a whole new experience for me, and you can learned from it.


‌How do you feel dressed in latex among ordinary people outside (in public: on the street, in a park or in a shopping mall)? Do you go out in a full latex outfit, or do you mix it with normal clothes?

I go out in full rubber during free time when I'm outside. Mostly during spring or autumn time
The location is depending on my mood where I want to go. Forest area, Lost Places or public in city centre. The most comfortable way for me is wearing my Avon S10 Gas mask with modified mirrored outsets, because people can't see my reaction. It's like a complete anonymity with a good aesthetic effect (in my opinion).


‌Why is it worth it to dare to wear latex clothes? 

For me it's worth it because of the mostly positive reactions I got.  

I remember when we went to the city centre of Karlsruhe with my Nightwing-suit, my gloves, hood, Avon FM12 gas mask and my Nike Vapor Air Max 360. My boyfriend with T-Shirt, gloves, latex jeans and a GP-5 Gas mask during February in the carnival week. Everything was so sad and disappointing. Normally many people dress up as something different. But during the uncertainty of Covid, no one dare to dress up. Also, there weren't many people. It felt like a parallel universe. 

We continued and walked in the direction of the Karlsruher Castle when a girl came to me and asked me for a selfie. That was a funny moment, I thought. Just a few meters later, we stood in front of the castle, and we would like to take pictures. Let's ask the old couple right there, my boyfriend said. Okay – they took some pictures of us. We thanked them, and then they asked why we're dressed up like this? It's carnival, of course. The couple said: „Oh yes! That still exists!". At least we made them a happy and enjoyable day.  

There were also people who were just filming or taking pictures without asking us. But that didn't prevent us from enjoying our latex public trip through Karlsruhe. 


What do you want to say, share with other less experienced latex lovers?

If you want to try latex for the first time, buy some basic stuff like a T-Shirt and some latex gloves, so you can try first.
If you want a full catsuit, I recommend made-to-measure, even when it takes a bit longer. Minimum 0,6 mm thickness and an additional armpit range of around +3 to + 5 cm. Gloves should be separated, so you can combine with other colours.  

Hang your full rubber clothes in a clothes bag (optional with vacuum-function), so you get less environmental influences and also fewer folds.  

You can store your latex basics in plastic-zipper bags. To pretend your latex from sticking you use talcum for it. 

Use silicon oil for more shiny adventures. I also recommend for outdoor trips during sunny weather a spray with UV-Protection.

Don't be shy if you want to wear your latex outfit in public. No one judges you as a bad person if you love what you do.  Be pride – it's your life.


Do you have anything else to say?

A huge thank you to my Cameraman/Boyfriend, most of the pictures wouldn't be so good without him. He is a big part in my (rubber) life since January 2017, and it's still ongoing.  

To all of my fans also a huge “Thank You”. I love you guys and appreciate everything you do by supporting me through all the years. We'll keep you updated with new content, so don't miss any of them.



Don't be shy if you want to wear your latex outfit in public. No one judges you as a bad person if you love what you do. 
Be pride – it's your life.